Journey times and road routes from the individual airports


An overview of Estepona town clearly shows the convenient Continente, and varied restaurants in the town.


The N-340 (Dual Carriageway)
This crosses the district running parallel to the coast for more than 20 km, more specifically from km 149 to 169, this being the principle and almost only direct means of communication. A regular bus service has been established on this route with a bus running every 30 minutes connecting all the centers of interest on the Costa del Sol. There is a daily service between all the capitals of Andalusia and Madrid, and international bus routes connect to the most important capital cities in Europe.

For further information on these services contact:

Estación de autobuses Portillo
Avda. de España - Telf. 280 02 49.

Another alternative route by road, inland in this case, is available via the provincial M-557 road which goes via the villages of the Serranía de Ronda (Jubrique, Algatocín) and connects with the 333 Algeciras-Ronda provincial road.

San Pedro de Alcántara gives rise to provincial road number 339 in the direction of Ronda and Seville, which is a few km's to the East

Distances in kilometres:

Estepona-Málaga: 83 km.
Estepona-Cádiz: 173 km.
Estepona-Sevilla (por Ronda): 189 km.
Estepona-Sevilla (por Jerez): 242 km.
Estepona-Granada (por Loja): 212 km.
Estepona-Granada (por Motril): 230 km.
Estepona-Huelva: 396 km.
Estepona-Córdoba: 270 km.
Estepona-Almería: 302 km.
Estepona-Jaén: 292 km.
Estepona-Madrid: 627 km.


The nearest main railway stations are those of Algeciras at a distance of 50 km. and Fuengirola 53 km. away. Both have daily services with the State's main capital cities. A direct international service runs everyday from Algeciras to Paris.


70 km. Málaga International Airport, at which a great many flights leave and arrive from all over the world.

45 km. Gibraltar Airport, it is hoped that when its air traffic control regulations are brought into line, and agreements on the joint usage of the airport by both Spain and Gibraltar are concluded, there will be an increase in frequency of flights here.


The International Port of AIgeciras is 50 km. away, from which communications with North Africa are continuous.
Estepona's marina has no regular established communications service by boat, being primarily used for sporting activities. Its technical specifications and available services, however, undoubtedly permit the anchorage of virtually any boat up to a certain draught.

Estepona is in an area which enjoys the best weather in Spain.
It has a mild microclimate for ten months of the year with a mean annual temperature of 18.7 ºC.
The following table illustrates the mean temperatures according to season:

Spring 21 ºC
Summer 25 ºC
Autumn 16 ºC
Winter 14 ºC

The mean annual temperature of the sea is 18 ºC.
The sun shines for more than 325 days a year. It rains on 40 days out of every year, when it can occasionally be torrential.
The prevaling winds are westerlies and easterlies.

Estepona, in the State of Western Andalusia, lies in the SW. of the province of Málaga.

Lying on the shores of the Mediterranean is sheltered on its northern reaches by the slopes of the Sierra Bermeja which reaches a maximum height of 1.449 meters on the summit of Los Reales. Its location between sea and mountain makes it possible to offer and enjoy a great variety of attractions in a very small geographical area.

The municipal district, with an area of more than 131,699,170 m² presents a varied landscape, with smooth undulating terrain divided by scores of streams and small rivers.

Its more than 20 km. of coast, offer numerous possibilities for water sports.

As far as its geographical coordinates are concerned, Estepona is located at latitude 36º 25' north and 5º 9' west.




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